Sunday, January 8, 2012

Staying In

We didn't do any adventuring this weekend. Not away from home anyway. After my mom's visit and moving, we needed a weekend of downtime. So we stayed close to home and enjoyed the perfect weather we've been having.

We are blessed to live in a beautiful community with tons of outdoor fun. There are about 15 playgrounds within walking distance that overlook the ocean, walking trails, and manicured lawns for frisbee, kites, and lounging.

And ball. We like to play ball.

We like to play ball so much, we play with multiple ones at the same time.

Penelope and I are more into lounging on the lawn.

We also spent time making our new place home. I cooked a bunch, I finally cleaned, and we did enormous amounts of laundry. JD and Beatrice took care of some outside chores too.

We took a long walk, went to church, and drank a good deal of coffee this weekend. It was just what we needed. Now that we're all rested up, we will be back to adventuring next weekend.

Happy weekend out there!

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