Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekend Adventure: Aquarium of the Pacific

We headed to Long Beach this long weekend to check out the Aquarium of the Pacific. It wasn't as awesome as the Tennessee Aquarium we are used to, but it was really fun. The best part was the boardwalk and harbor village surrounding the aquarium. It's this really great outdoor shopping area and marina. We packed a picnic lunch and ate al fresco while we watched the boats pass by. We all had a fun time.

I'm still a little antsy about all day outings since we're only about a month into potty training, but she's doing great. No accidents in a few weeks. Hooray!

She touched a starfish. It felt squishy and gross. She also saw urchins. They were everywhere.

I don't like animals that can suction themselves to things. Or animals that are slimy. The sea is full of those kinds of animals. The aquarium is full of them too. I have the heeby jeebies just writing about them. I try really hard to not shape Beatrice's opinion of suctiony, slimy animals. If she wants to like them, fine. I will however, shape her opinion of snakes. We don't do snakes in this family.

She likes suctiony, slimy animals.

Sissy likes fishies. And snoozing on Daddy.

And frolicking under the sea with Daddy and fishies.

Fun day under the sea.

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