Friday, November 25, 2011

It Was Good

Thanksgiving has come and gone. We were all alone for our first California holiday and you know what? It was pretty good. The whole day was fun and felt like a holiday. I think I was afraid of that the most: that the day would feel like any other day and we would have this big feast for nothing. But our big feast was for something. It was for our very wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.

As soon as the girls woke up, we piled them into our bed for early morning snuggles. Those lasted for about 2 minutes so we went downstairs to begin the all day cooking marathon. We started with glazed donut muffins for breakfast and ate ourselves into oblivion from there.

I cooked and cooked and cooked. Then we ate and ate and ate and I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. I think I washed the dishes 827 times. I am not cooking or cleaning for the next week at least. Maybe longer.

The girls took long naps while JD and I watched movies on the couch. We were cuddling and it was really sweet until he fell asleep on me and nearly crushed me with his heavy, lifeless body. I made him wake up and get the Christmas decor out. Fa la la la la, it's now Christmastime around these parts.

Big sister woke up and helped me put the "ord-a-ments" on the tree. She was a big help and put half of them on the tree by herself. The tree is now very bottom heavy with the majority of ornaments hung at Beatrice-level. I don't have the heart to rearrange them. She worked so hard on finding the perfect spot for each and every one.

Round 2 of sweet potato casserole and turkey, Charlie Brown, twinkling lights, and bedtime snuggles rounded out our very good day. We are blessed and thankful for each other. Happy Thanksgiving out there!

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