Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Penelope is 11 weeks old now. I had to count the weeks on a calender because I lost track of how old she is. The time is flying with this little one. I love her to pieces.

She has finally grown out of that really fussy baby stage that both of my girls went through. Just in time too. For the first 2 months of their lives, JD and I are convinced our children hate us since all they do is cry. She is happy now.

She is wearing my baby dress. Beatrice wore it too. I love hand-me-downs with a story. 

She is a great sleeper, just like her sister. I joke that God knows my capabilities and has blessed me with babies that sleep through the night early on because He knows that I can't function without sleep. I am a much better mother when I am rested.

She looks like her sister.

She is a mama's girl and wants to be on me 24/7. I wrote this post one handed because she is in my lap, smiling and talking to me. And pooping. This kid poops a lot. We are buddies. I only share when Daddy comes home. Plus, it's just me all day long so that kinda explains a lot.

Mommy and her girls.

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