Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I hate fast food. I never ever have a craving for greasy fries or Big Macs. I would rather eat an apple than stop at a drive thru. Mystery meat nuggets never tempt me and blizzards aren't something I consider a yummy treat. The truth is, most of those foods hurt my stomach in ways that aren't worth the indulgence. But mostly, I think fast food is really yucky tasting.

Then I moved to California. Here, In N Out Burger is a big deal. Everyone insisted that I try it at least once. So I did, not expecting much. The verdict?

Oh. Em. Gee. It is delicious! I love the simple menu with 3 burger options (I like the cheeseburger with onions), the hand cut fries, and the retro feel of the packaging. The best part is after I eat one of these bad boys, I never experience the awful brick-in-the-gut phenomenon that usually plagues me after consuming fast food. It tasted like real food. I like it so much I have had it about 4 times in the month that we have lived here. You could say that I crave it.

Mmmmmm, lunch!

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  1. In and out isn't fast food, it's good food fast:-) At least I tell myself to justify it!