Thursday, November 3, 2011

Care Package

My brother and sister in law just sent us the most awesome care package ever. I cried a little when I opened it and found all of this:

Our carpet is not green by the way. Just thought I should address that.

They sent me some Toms, a sticker book, paint book and a tickle monster book for the girls, and a book for JD. The card was the best part. My family has the weirdest sense of humor in the world and very few people "get" us. The great thing is that we all married people who get us and we all get each other. This results in multiplied weird hilarity when we're together. The card made me laugh and then cry because I miss my hilarious, weird family so much. Then I put on my Toms and felt better.

This care package really sets the bar for all future care packages. My family should really take note because it will take a lot of effort to top this one. Seriously guys, take note and try to top this one. All of you. Please. Thanks Grant and Jenni! We love everything. Keep 'em coming!

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