Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Beatrice turned 2 yesterday. Last month, we had a big party for her since it would just be the 4 of us on her actual birthday. We still wanted her day to be special so we headed to Chuck E. Cheese's for a birthday extravaganza.

It was everything a 2 year old's birthday should be. Pizza, games, a few sips of Coke, ice cream. And Chuck. She loves Chuck. That is one giant, creepy mouse.

It was JD's first trip to Chuck E. Cheese (which is totally weird to me) and he wasn't very impressed. Since it was Halloween night, there were lots of kids hyped up on sugar running around asking Beatrice for coins and taking her skee balls. She may be little, but she stood her ground. After several skee balls were taken from her, she stood up for herself and told the bigger girl, "Beatriceseseses!" We then had to have a talk about sharing which was kind of weird since the bigger girl was basically stealing toys away from her. We may save the sharing talk for less competitive places that don't have skee ball.

Sissy was there watching mommy stuff her face full of overpriced (and kind of icky) pizza.

We ended the night with ice cream and presents. Beatrice and I made a pink sprinkle cake on Friday, but JD and I sort of devoured it. In 3 days. Oops. Thankfully she didn't care anything about it. She is an ice cream girl these days.

Last month she was a cake girl.

And since I'm sharing photos from last month's party, I might as well share these.

We had a bounce party and let Beatrice choose the bouncing apparatus. She chose the tiger. It was going great until she bounced in it.

Almost 2 year olds might be too lightweight to actually jump in these things. Driving is a much more age appropriate activity.

It was a great party last month and a great night last night. Our big girl is 2 now. Happy birthday, sweet girl.


  1. AWE!!! I forsee a FACETIME Birthday song in our very near future!!!! Happy Birthday big girl! You're so very loved....AND missed!! :(