Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hello, Lover

These days, this is my pant situation:

So I ordered these maternity jeans. They arrived yesterday and they are FABULOUS. Have you ever worn maternity jeans? No? Me either. With Beatrice, I lived in yoga pants and the 1 pair of ugly, overpriced maternity pants I bought from a big named chain maternity clothing store. They were matronly and not fashionable in the least. I decided this time, I would at least try to maintain some sense of style. My new jeans are not only super cute, they are COMFORTABLE. They are a little big right now, but I know that any day when my bum catches up with my belly they're gonna fit just right.

Remember when I said that jeggings were proof that God loves me? Well, maternity jeans just reinforced that love. Not only are they comfortable and cute, they are promised to grow with me. Wins all around! There is no muffin top, no tight crotch cutting in that happens when your body gets too big for your jeans, no unsightly FUPA. Just style and comfort. I am so in love with these lovelies that I plan on wearing them even when I'm not pregnant. Don't knock it until you try them.

Now if you will excuse me, I have some unhindered lounging to do in my new comfy pants.


  1. Hahahahaha, you used the term FUPA in your post. Love it.

  2. Oh, I loved my Gap maternity jeans! So much better than the ones I got elsewhere (probably the same big named maternity clothing store as you used). I plan on getting another Gap pair for my next pregnancy...hello cute and comfortable-ness!