Sunday, March 27, 2011

19 Weeks

This week has been a big, fat failure for me. Remember when I wrote about all of the awesome will power that I possessed and how I was kicking weight gain's butt? Well, I lied. I was kicking weight gain's butt, but now it's kicking mine. Or rather, it's setting up camp and making itself comfortable for the long haul. On my butt. And thighs. And face. I am enormous. And it's my fault. We had 4 days of birthday dinners for me last week. I overdid the appetizers, entrees, and cake. When we got back to eating normally, my insatiable hunger struck big time and I was too lazy (and hungry) to fight it. So here I am, feeling like I failed at responsible eating. Tomorrow is new day, right? Meh.


Weight gain: Not on your life. I'm not ready to face the scale.
Stretch marks: None.
Movements: Tons. I love this part of pregnancy.
Cravings: Salads. And you're probably thinking, "Aly, if you're eating all of these salads, why are you so fat?" Well, I like bad salads full of bleu cheese, avocados, bacon, and steak. I like plain balsamic vinegar as a dressing so that saves me some calories for the extra bleu cheese. Mmmm, moldy, ripe cheese. Yes please.
Sleep: Good considering that's when the baby goes nuts doing backflips and high dives. I like to go to bed a little early just so I can lie there feeling the movements and cheer my little swimmer on.
Best moment this week: JD and I decided upon a name in the event that there is a Y chromosome in there. Girl name to be determined.
Gender: I have pretty much convinced myself that it's a boy. This week when I had a random girl dream, it kind of shocked me. At this point, I don't know. I will be surprised either way. Leaning towards boy. 
Labor signs: Just your run of the mill daily sniss attacks.
Belly button: In, but I realized that I have a very deep belly button. Hmmph.
What I miss: Cat-like agility. Pregnancy makes me clumsy.
What I'm looking forward to: The same thing I've been looking forward to for the past 19 weeks: finding out the sex!
Weekly wisdom: Birthday cake is of the devil.
Milestones: Heartburn plagues me in epic proportions. Even the prescription isn't helping.

My enormous food baby:


  1. seriously??? you are tiny! lol

  2. Your carrying LOW! I carried low with both of my boys, and my best friend carried super high with her girl. So maybe it is a boy. I know your apprehensive about having a boy, but it really is fun. And just think of how protective he will be over his big sister? Anyways, hope you find out soon!

    Good luck fighting the food battle! I lost with both of my pregnancies haha. Have a good week, girl!

  3. that's a cute bump if I ever did see one! :) I am also losing the food battle, but with no pregnancy to blame!! LOL! It is sugar and caffeine vs real food of any kind. And sugar and caffeine are winning.

  4. cute...and tiny... baby bump :)