Saturday, March 26, 2011

Battle Theodore

My husband is one of a kind. He tries really hard to chant the smart husband mantra "whatever mama wants, mama gets," but mostly he fails. As much as he tries to leave decorating, menu planning, wardrobe decisions, and other things my married friends say their husbands wouldn't care about up to me, he has to voice his opinions. He can't help himself, he has preferences. And I love this about him. He never asks me what he should wear or what to buy his parents for Christmas, he just makes a decision and does it. This makes my job so easy. I love having a decisive man.

Except when it comes to naming our children. If there was ever a time that I wished my opinionated husband didn't care about something, it is when we are naming our offspring. The man is impossible to compromise with and the whole ordeal is infuriating. I'm getting angry just writing about it. You should see how hard I'm pecking at this keyboard. 

We both like old fashioned, traditional names, but that is about all that we agree on. While we have narrowed down our girl list to 2 favorites, our boy list remains empty. He hates my suggestions and decides immediately if a name is a maybe or a no. So far, all but 1 is a no. For some strange reason, he thinks his potential son's name should be masculine and strong. And that's fine, but he acts like I am suggesting that we name him Susan or something. My suggestions are male names. Uncommon male names, but names any manly male would enjoy having. Don't you just love Theodore? Oh what a happy day it would be if my husband conceded to Theodore. 

Of course I understand that naming a child is not the same as deciding what's for dinner. But when every suggestion I make gets nixed the instant I suggest it, I want to scream. Something has to give and it's not my beloved Theodore. In his defense, he is in no hurry to decide since we don't know the sex and still have a few months to pick something. I, on the other hand, feel a strong sense of urgency to go ahead and name this baby. For me, it's part of the bonding process. Plus, I can't wait to start purchasing little monogrammed onesies and burp cloths.

So we're at a standstill. He hates my suggestions and he refuses to make any. I give the man a week and half to decide upon something with me amicably. After that, it is war.

We have agreed upon a very masculine boy name!! Our girl name remains undetermined, but we have made progress. And while Theodore got vetoed, I really like our choice and am excited. Woot woot!


  1. I'm glad y'all have decided on a boy name.. I understand how you feel Jon is very NO if he doesn't like something.. He doesn't even think about it just no.. Thankfully our hardest child to name was the 3rd one.. :) Good luck on settling on a girl name.. :)

  2. I think naming the kids is one of the toughest jobs ... and with each kid, I think it's gets a bit tougher. We wanted to make sure all the names sounded good together. So by #4, it was a definite challenge! Yahoo for you for getting it nailed down! :)

  3. Congrats on settling on a boy's name. If you are having a girl, please do share the boy name you agreed on, because I'm nosey like that. :)

  4. Yay for agreeing on a name! My dentist always tells me the story of how his son was named: He and his wife couldn't agree, so after their baby was born, she filled out and turned in the birth certificate info while he was downstairs getting food! Problem solved. haha

  5. The dentist story is genius! I may get my Theodore after all....and possibly a divorce ;) JD would flip out!

  6. Yay! Can't wait for the announcement! :)

  7. You're naming a human - Scott and I took FOREVER to agree. (We were also convinced we were having a boy, so we didn't put as much heat into the girl's name arguments.)

    And uh...I could not possibly be more obsessed with the gold frames in your header. Holy awesomeness.

  8. My husband is a lot like yours... too opinionated. He wanted something original, uncommon, and latin sounding. We had several girl names we loved... but of course God gave us 2 boys. Marco was an easy pick... we both loved it, but not #2. In fact, we finally decided #2's name was Jonas AS THEY WERE WHEELING ME IN FOR MY C SECTION! Talk about name anxiety.