Sunday, March 6, 2011

16 Weeks

The other day, JD mentioned something about how in 9 more months we would have another little baby. I said, "9 months?! Try 5!" He couldn't believe it. And neither can I. Time is flying. I feel a little bad about this. With my first pregnancy, it seemed like time was dragging. Each week seemed like a month and every little change occurring in my uterus was the biggest deal ever. I haven't thought a ton about this pregnancy. I mean, I think about the baby, but the pregnancy seems to be going along just fine without me worrying about it. That tends to happen when you have a toddler.

I'm enormous. Not so much in my belly, but everywhere else is growing rapidy. I had my weigh in at the doctor's office last week and much to my surprise, my 5 lb gain was really only 4 lbs. So I celebrated by eating everything. I made cherry cream cheese pie and mashed potatoes with cream cheese, sour cream and butter (divine but oh so bad for you), ate lots of sour gummy rings, giant turkey sandwiches with avocados crammed in, and pizza. Lots and lots of pizza. I haven't weighed since Wednesday but my face is fat now and once your face gets fat, there's no stopping your rear end and thighs from following suit. I am praying for will power and self control. I think you all should pray for me as well...


Weight gain: Not on your life am I stepping on a scale until my next appointment in 4 more weeks. Ignorance is bliss.
Stretchies: None.
Movement: YES! YES! YES! I now know for sure that those bubbles I've been feeling are not gas but my sweet little ballerina. (Or soccer player).
Cravings: Carbs.
Sleep: I can't complain. I wake up rested.
Best moment this week: Hearing the sweet lub-dub on the doppler.
Gender: It's totally a boy. I keep having reoccurring boy baby dreams. It's a boy.
Labor signs: None.
Belly button: In but starting to look a little strained and weird.
What I miss: A skinny face.
What I'm looking forward to: Dinner. And dessert.
Weekly wisdom: Time flies. Take a moment to enjoy the little life growing inside because before you know it, they will be on the outside.
Milestones: Besides the fat face and movement? It's time to bring the maternity clothes out of the attic.

From now on, you will see many of the same outfits on me. I don't buy a lot of maternity clothes because A) they can be expensive to only wear for a few months and B) I tend to go into denial when I get too big for my regular clothes. I repeatedly wear what still fits because it makes me feel better about myself.


  1. Not much longer and you will know for sure Boy or Girl!!

    We found out last week.. ;) Exciting stuff!!

    I'm sure your face isn't fat.. I wish I could eat like you I'm still experiencing nasty sick.. I'm not impressed with the amount time I spend in the bathroom.. LOL

  2. I love my belly pics ... and I was always surprised at how quickly I "popped out" with subsequent kiddos. You look great!

  3. I just love your weekly updates :) I'm totally living vicariously through you right now! I wish I could be pregnant, its just not in our plan right now. I think you're just preparing yourself for it to be a boy.....I'm hoping it's a girl for you :)