Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sunday Fun Day

Our kids are old enough now that our weekends (and most weekdays) are very full. Saturdays are spent running to and from ballet class, birthday parties, church, and other activities. It is fun, but exhausting. We need a relaxing Sunday every now and then.

This weekend, we went to the beach.

We set out early and arrived before anyone else got there. We spent the next couple of hours building sandcastles, digging for treasure, and practicing beach ballet.

JD and I thought it would be years before we would ever be able to relax on the beach with our kids. Sure, we expected to play and run around with them, but we didn't think we would be lounging in the sun, not entertaining, for a long time to come.

Our girls pleasantly surprised us by playing together in the sand for a few hours without really needing anything from us. JD took a rest under the beach tent while I sunbathed on the blanket near the girls. It was actually very relaxing.

We had a picnic lunch and were home in time for late naps. It was such a perfect Sunday Fun Day. We hope to make it a regular thing!

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  1. Absolutely can't imagine a better Sunday! Let's meet this coming Sunday around 9am, ok?! :) I wish! Anyway, looks like you have a pretty awesome time out there. Love keeping up with you!