Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nap Time Battles

It is nap time. My firstborn is in her room throwing the mother of all fits. She doesn't want to sleep. "Fine," I tell her. "Be still and rest for awhile." She doesn't want to rest. She wants to kick her wall, take her clothes off, and scream like a wild animal. I don't let her get away with doing this. I go up there 3 and 4 times, disciplining each time.

It's not working. She won't stop. I want to cry. Where is my sweet child and who is this maniac destroying her room?

90% of the time, Beatrice is an angel. She is sensitive to others, she is kind and affectionate. The other 10% of the time she has a bad attitude, she is defiant, and would rather endure unpleasant consequences than obey her mother.

When she is acting like her 10% self, I don't know what to do. I try to stay calm and remind myself that I need to be the constant variable in the situation. While she is acting like a crazed lunatic, I need to remain in control and deal with the attitude adjusting without getting angry and emotional. I am a yeller by nature, but I try with all my might not to resort to raising my voice. I fail almost every single time. What can I do?

I want to go up there and tell her to knock it off. Acting like a brat is ruining both of our day. Why can't she just lie still for 45 minutes and play quietly? She knows she's getting a consequence every time I come upstairs to tell her to be quiet. Why won't she just give in and settle down? But saying all that is not going to work. I've tried before. She's 3 and even though she's really smart, I can't reason with a 3 year old.

Every day is not always a bad day. When we have a bad one though, I want to call a therapist. I want to interrogate every mother of well-mannered daughters and absorb all the wisdom and insight they can give me. Sometimes, I want to throw in the towel. I think she's stronger than me, you guys. I usually end up on my knees though, begging God to help me. Because I won't throw in the towel. I won't give up trying to refine my daughter's rebellion into obedience. I love her too much.

So I'm gonna go back up there and discipline my child again. She's 3 and even though she's acting like a maniac, her mama loves her too much to let her get away with it.


  1. We just found out our third baby is a girl and I am terrified. I have NO idea what to do with a little girl after two boys.

  2. I so just typed out this comment to you and the darn thing erased when I went to post it. Well I said-- Hang in there, Aly! I would say "let me know if I can help." but since I know nothing about toddler sleep patterns I'll just pray for you guys and your sanity. Since we know our children more than anyone (except God) we know that this is just a phase and as with everything else it will pass. Just keep your chin up and know you're doing all that you can do and that is the right thing. She will kick this bad habit. Hopefully sooner than later. Let's have a mommy break soon :) Sending love your way!!

  3. Btw, that picture is AWESOME for this post. lol

  4. I understand you. I have difficult times with S and I think we will both never get through it. Hardest job ever being a Mama and I don't have any words of advice other than continue praying and being consistent. Hopefully it will all be ok soon :) You are a wonderful Mama and don't ever forget that. xoxo

  5. OMG i could have written this post, except I didn't do as well as you did with no raising my voice. Yesterday was my living hell i felt like... my little 3 year old angel was having fit after fit after fit... any recommendations on parenting would be welcome because I am finding it hard to find a good form of discapline while my 1 year old is pitching a fit too...