Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Itty Bitty Dining Room Makeover

Everything we own furniture and decor-wise is 5 years old. I know some pieces are meant to last, but I haven't bought anything new for our house since JD and I got married. I'm thankful for what we have, but man, I'm so over most of it. I'm ready for a change. 

Our dining room is right off of the living room on the main floor of our house. We use it 3 times a day so it is one of the most used rooms in our home. Before my tiny little makeover, it was also one of the most drab rooms in our home. 


The absolute worst thing about the dining room is the brass chandelier. It is mammoth, hung way too high, and is about the ugliest thing circa 1980 I've ever laid eyes on. It needs help. 

Since we're in a rental, painting and replacing fixtures aren't possible, so I had to make changes with the centerpiece, table linens, and chandelier. 


It's not my dream dining room, but I think it's a big improvement from the brown-brass-blahness from before. Placemats from World Market. Chandelier shades from Hobby Lobby. Basket from Goodwill, spray-painted black. Green foliage balls from Hobby Lobby. 

Everything was really cheap (total cost under $50) and works well with the art/curtains/rug we already have. I'm liking it better already! I definitely won't wait 5 years before I buy something new for my house again. 


  1. You did wonders with that horrid chandelier girl! What was it with the brass in the 80's???? Anyway, looks refreshing and bright and lovely now :)

  2. You did a great job with that chandelier!! Very creative and cute.