Saturday, January 5, 2013


Beatrice started ballet today. Cute doesn't properly describe what happened at that ballet studio. There were tiny pink leotards with panties peaking out from the leg openings, tight buns on top of bouncy heads, and little girls flittering and fluttering, prancing and frolicking in front of big mirrors, smiling at their reflections, so proud of themselves.

No, cute does not do today's class justice.

Beatrice did really well. She quickly learned to listen to her teacher and follow instructions. She was actually good at the exercises too.

I  never wanted to become one of those crazy stage moms that has big ambitions for her little girl, but after watching Beatrice today, I have big ambitions for my little girl. I want her to be a ballerina. I see lead roles and big recitals in her future. She's gonna be good, you guys. Today, a star was born. And I may be a little crazy. 

My little ballerina completely loved it. She made a friend and has been practicing her moves all day. I can't wait for next Saturday. I may be more excited than she is.


  1. She is too cute. Love all these captured pics!
    Just found your blog. Love your blog!
    New follower! Follow me back too?

  2. i know how you feel! K is in a ballet/tap class and watching her shake her bum or "hold her beach ball" makes me so excited! They are too cute!

  3. This is just too much, I tell ya! Love her little blonde hair in a bun (the only blonde!), the little girl pulling her panties out in the first pic, I mean it just all makes me smile :) She has no choice but to be wonderful with those legs and that smile! YES! A star IS born!!! xoxo