Thursday, January 31, 2013

Someone to Throw a Ball Around With

If you ask JD how he feels about having 2 girls, he will say, "great! It's all the same, a kid is a kid." But every now and then when he is wearing a crown and getting makeup applied by 2 little girls while sitting elbow deep in a pile of Barbies, he will admit that he wishes he had someone to throw a ball around with. A man can only play princesses for so long before he needs to throw or kick a round object.

Thankfully, his girls enjoy throwing a ball around too. A pink Strawberry Shortcake ball, of course. 

Just as JD was getting his ball fix (that sounds dirty), the girls promptly decided to ditch the balls and play baby dolls. Like the good daddy he is, he traded baseball bats for doll strollers and played with his daughters.

He was just thankful to have someone to throw a ball around with.

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