Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Card Fail

I love Christmas cards. I love designing them, selecting the perfect picture, and sending them to all of our friends and family. I usually have everything ready to mail by December 1st, but this year is different. I don't have a single card imagined, let alone addressed to be mailed. I can't seem to get JD to commit to walking down to the beach to take a family picture, so I thought this year's card will showcase just the girls. I tried to snap some photos of them by the Christmas tree the other night and it didn't go so well.

No one would look at me. No one would smile at the camera. There are a few decent ones, but I'm just not feeling these photos for our Christmas card. I'm actually toying with the idea of not sending cards this year. Is that horrible of me? I think I'm boycotting, you guys. For serious.


  1. I like the third one. Last year I just never got around to it. And the world didn't end. :)

  2. I love sending and receiving Christmas cards, but I am not sending them this year either. Some years are easier than others to get them out :)!