Friday, December 21, 2012


At the beginning of December, I set a goal for myself to blog new posts every other day. It's Christmastime and I had lots of fun ideas to write about! I was doing alright with meeting my goal, but then Jamie came for a visit and we were too busy painting the town to stop and blog. Then the girls got sick. Then I got sick (and am still recovering). JD's out of town so the Christmas shopping and prepping has been solely on me...

Then the terrible tragedy in Connecticut happened and I didn't know how to pretend so many families weren't hurting while I was posting photos of Christmas adventures. It just didn't seem right to keep posting frivolous nonsense while there is so much raw pain happening. It still doesn't feel right.

Everyday I cry and pray for those families that have been met with the worst kind of loss and pain. Half of me wants to stick my fingers in my ears and scream "LA LA LA" and pretend that none of it happened so I can stop imagining my pain in that horrific scenario, but then I remember: This is not about me. I have my precious babies for another day. For another week now. Those mamas and daddies don't. And they need my prayers and thoughts and wishing and begging God to bring them peace and comfort and a whole slew of other things only He can provide because their pain is so real.

So I continue praying and crying and wishing and begging God to heal their hearts. I have a lot of opinions on why this happened and the declining spiritual condition of our nation, but right now I just want to urge everyone to continue praying. Christmas is a few days away and soon many of us will forget about the tragedy. People will forget how they were rocked to the core upon hearing the news reports that little kids died at school. The families affected still need our prayers. Please keep praying for them.

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