Saturday, December 8, 2012

Chill: An Aly Wonderland

I love a good holiday themed attraction. Throw in a winter wonderland (my favorite season of all) and my excitement level is off the charts.

Thursday night we met up with some friends in Long Beach at the Queen Mary to check out Chill, the ice village.

It was really neat. The ice village dome was located in a little mock European village complete with carolers, gorgeous lights, and Christmas cheer.

Once we walked through the Christmas village, we entered the ice village. To sum it up in 2 words: amazing and COLD. It was 9 degrees in that dome. We layered up in fleece and jackets before we left, but it was not enough. The nice folks gave us parkas to wear, but even those were not enough. We were blue. Actually, we were red. Our hands and faces were chapped from the 20 minutes we sped our way through that frosty place. It was fun and pretty amazing seeing the magnificent ice sculptures, but it was miserably cold.

We wanted to keep looking at the incredible ice sculptures, but we couldn't feel our faces so we were really glad to get outside. We were frozen to the bone, so naturally we went straight for some ice cream and big fat sausages.

The girls were going bonkers from the sugar rush and thawing limbs, so we got a family photo in front of a big Christmas tree before we left.

The whole time we were there, Beatrice kept saying we were in Aly Wonderland. All I can gather is she was thinking about Alice in Wonderland, but got confused. It's actually quite fitting since winter and snow are my favorites. We had a great time in Aly Wonderland and are glad we decided to get off our rears and do something spectacular on a Thursday night.

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