Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Light Walk

In keeping up with my vow to make everyday until Christmas festive and special, we took the girls on a Christmas light walk tonight.

It was cold so we bundled our babies as we set off in search of a spectacular light show in our neighborhood. It was going to be good! Oh, and we sang carols most of the walk. It was very festive indeed.

As we walked, we realized the light show was not going to be spectacular. Hardly any houses were decorated and the ones that were only had a few lights.

The girls didn't mind though. Any amount of lights was a big deal to them.

There was one house that had a pretty great light display. The girls loved it.

We had a great time searching for lights around our neighborhood. Maybe we'll go again in a week and find some more.

Our little display. It's my favorite. 


  1. What a delightful evening - and the smiles are beautiful, too!

  2. What a good idea! I wish we lived in a neighborhood and we could do that!