Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Sharks live in the ocean. Occasionally, they eat humans. I am not afraid of this happening to me. I mean, I know it technically could happen, but it doesn't keep me from swimming at the beach. I grew up at the ocean and swam for miles to sandbars on my dad's back. I know sharks are out there, I'm just not going to let it keep me from enjoying the water. Don't get me wrong, I'm afraid of plenty of other sea life. Jellyfish, sand crabs, stingrays, and starfish all terrify me. 

JD on the other hand, is afraid of sharks. So much so, that he will not go in the water deeper than his ankles. He is convinced they can attack in shin-deep water... When we go to the beach, all he talks about is sharks and their sinister plots to eat us if we go near the water. He has psyched me out about shark attacks so much that now, I'm a little paranoid about it too.

It's pretty hot here now and the Pacific has finally warmed up enough to swim in it. The last 2 times we ventured to the beach, I have gotten in the water up to my neck to pee cool off. In the past (before my brainwashing), I would have floated for awhile without a care in the world. Now though? Now, I freak the freak out. Every rise and fall of a wave, every ebb and flow of the tide I search for sharks. JD has me convinced that they are out there, closer than I think, waiting to eat me. It doesn't help that there are shark sightings on the news almost weekly here. 

Basically, JD has ruined the ocean for me. I'm pretty upset about it too. I want to be able to body surf unafraid. I want to pee cool off in water deeper than my shins. I want to enjoy the beach without thinking I'm going to be eaten alive. I want my innocence back.

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  1. ya'll are too funny! just get in that water and pee ;)