Monday, August 13, 2012

Night Walk

We've started a new family tradition around here. After dinner each night, we take a walk around the neighborhood. We load the girls up in the stroller and walk for almost an hour.

The exercise is great, but the best part is that JD and I talk, really talk. We were kind of in a bad habit of talking about the girls and not a lot else. We reconnect every night while working off our dinner calories.

Sometimes we let Beatrice out of the stroller to walk with us. She loves this. We do too (although it does slow us down considerably). She loves the freedom to explore and pretend. So far, we've been in the jungle, to a wedding, and ran like antelopes.

Penelope enjoys riding in the back of the stroller, laughing at whatever silly thing Beatrice is up to. Sometimes she wants to be big too. Daddy helps her out with that and carries her.

We try not to miss a night. It's something we all look forward to.


  1. What a fun family thing. I'm sure y'all make some of the best memories during your nightly walks. :)

    Your girls are so pretty.

  2. What a great family routine! The girls will look back and remember that you guys always went for a walk after dinner and such a great time for you and the hubby to reconnect after a busy day! :)