Monday, August 6, 2012

Personal Space

I have issues with personal space. I don't want to sit close enough to be touching anyone. I don't want to rub shoulders or bump elbows with other people. And I really don't want to be hugged. If I have to, it's awkward and brief and my heart won't be in it because all I can think about is how uncomfortable it is for me to be touching other people. I sound like a total psycho. My friends know this about me and love to force me into full body hugs. It gives me the heeby jeebies every time. Sorry guys, it's not you. It's me.

I'm not frigid or loveless or anything, I just don't want to be touched. I like my personal space and get a wee bit claustrophobic when people invade it. That's perfectly normal, right?

Having babies has really forced me to deal with these issues. Babies are no respecters of personal space, let me tell you. My girls are on me all the time. They climb me, sit on me, run their fingers through my hair, pull at my clothes, put their hands under my clothes, eat off my plate, and put their fingers in my nose. And thankfully, they are the only people on earth that I don't avoid physical contact with. And JD, obviously.

I really love the way my kids treat my body like an extension of their own, like they have a need to be near me and touching me at all times. It is really sweet and makes me feel like being a mama is the best thing ever. Except when I'm trying to use the bathroom. Mommy really doesn't like going with 2 kids in her lap. It's as if the 9 months inside me wasn't enough. My kids are still attached to me in a way that communicates, "I feel the best when I'm wrapped around you like a spider monkey. Also can I have a bite of that food that's in your mouth right now? Here, let me use my fingers to pry it out."

The evidence:

I love these little snugly space invaders.

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  1. whew, i hear ya! i'm not into being all into touching others, esp those i don't know or am not close to. but these little babies don't give you a choice!!! gotta love it :)