Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Garden Party For Two

Penelope's first birthday is tomorrow. I wasn't going to have a party for her since we are going to celebrate in Tennessee with our family in a few weeks, but I couldn't not do something for our littlest girl. Our dear friends and neighbors have a little girl who is 4 days older than Penelope, so us mamas decided to combine their parties for a sweet afternoon in our side yard.

We had no theme in mind, no real plan for a party. We just wanted to sit in the shade and eat cupcakes with our friends while our kids played.

We laid out some blankets, poured some lemonade, our friends came, the kids played, and we ate cupcakes. It was perfect.

I made the girls' outfits. I found some adorable first birthday stuff on Etsy that I decided I could whip up for really cheap. They turned out great!

If I were really wealthy, I would have gifted the guests with Pottery Barn anywhere chairs as party favors. But I'm not, so the birthday girls got to sit in them to eat their cake.

Gracen totally went for the cake. Penelope didn't want to touch it, so I had to feed it to her.

Our friends really showered our girls with gifts. They got a ton of great stuff and loved ripping through all of the packages.

I loved their party. It was so simple and casual and fun. I'm so glad we decided to do something to celebrate these two precious girls turning one.

Tomorrow is Penelope's actual birthday so there is more fun and celebrating up my sleeve.

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