Friday, April 15, 2011

Ready, Set, Go

Our bed is piled high with stacks of clean clothes, colorful sandals, bathing suits and coverups. The bathrooms are clean, clean sheets on the beds, laundry complete. The kitchen is empty, snacks made, and sandwiches packed in plastic baggies. The car is loaded, DVD player installed, gas tank full.

We are going on a trip.

We leave tomorrow morning for the beach. JD says I'm not allowed to bring my computer, but I'm sneaking it anyway. He relaxes by watching TV (for hours and hours and hours) and I relax on the internet. Hopefully, I won't get in too much trouble...

I am not entirely sure that our condo has internet service so I may or may not be posting. I do promise to think of each and every one of you as I bask in the Florida sun and eat my little heart out on hush puppies. Mmmm, hush puppies.


  1. OOooooh! Where in Florida? I mean, not to be all stalkerish...a whole lot of my family lives there, and my ILs have a house down there! I heart FL...a lot.

    Have fun!