Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Golf Is Good For Marriages

JD's job requires a lot of his time. We have sacrificed family dinners, nigh-night kisses, matrimonial co-sleeping, and much, much more in trade for our income. It's been like this since we've been married so I'm not complaining; it is what it is. This is our life. But the great thing about missing out on so much day to day daddy time is that he gets tons of vacation time. Tons. So just when I start to ask who the strange man crawling in my bed at 6 am is, he takes 3 weeks off and we get reacquainted. Don't worry, the strange man is always JD. Phew.

JD has been off of work since Tuesday. This is the start of a 3 week hiatus for him. So far, we have had a spat everyday since he's been off. Nothing major or serious, just little annoyances that lead to someone (me) stomping off saying things like "this is going to be a long 3 weeks" while someone (JD) says things like "don't remind me." We always make up with hugs and kisses and laugh about how we weren't really that mad about whatever annoyed us in the first place. But it keeps happening. It really is going to be a long 3 weeks...

JD and I are a really good, strong couple. We are supportive and sensitive to each other's needs. We are sarcastic and really great comedians together. We connect, we challenge, we compromise, we talk things out, we want to last the long haul. But we also can experience too much togetherness. Being together is great (when JD has things to do like work), but when there is extended togetherness with no real plans to feel purposed about our days, we butt heads. This is what has been happening for the last 2 days: too much un-purposed togetherness.

You're probably saying, "that's the point of togetherness: to be together with no real agenda except being together." I agree, but our personalities require a little more separateness to mesh in matrimonial harmony. Or at least a hobby. You know it's too much togetherness when the wife is suggesting that the husband goes golfing. 

I am mostly teasing about being together too much. I love having him home at night on the same schedule as us. We drink coffee together in the mornings, we have lunch dates at actual restaurants, we have outside playtime before baths at night, and we both give nigh-night kisses to Beatrice before we settle into our nests on the couch for our nightly marathon of every crime/military/law enforcement show on TV. Watched simultaneously in typical man channel surfing fashion, no less. I love having my husband home. I love having someone to eat meals with and talk to at night.  I just wish he would go golfing every now and then. 


  1. Go away for a week! Take a road trip or go to the beach. That's what I'd do. Then it's not unplanned togetherness. AND it's a blast. Maybe I just really need a vacation?! haha.

  2. We are the same way. I think it comes from having to be so independent due to the nature of our husbands' jobs.

    But... Jesse has about a million hobbies, so I never have to suggest him going out and doing something without us. Hahaha.