Wednesday, April 27, 2011

23 weeks

I failed once again at posting this on Sunday when I actually became 23 weeks pregnant. With the chaos of unpacking and Easter, I just haven't had time. I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart. Not really, but I hate getting off schedule. It irks me.

I'm starting to feel really pregnant. I waddle now. And breathe funny when I lie on my back. I have uncontrollable bodily functions (my poor husband says his wife has been traded in for a flatulent dude with boobs). And the baby flips and rolls all the time. I don't remember this much uterine action when Beatrice was living in my belly. Maybe Penelope really is going to be a tiny dancer.


Weight gain: The vacation gelato was not kind to me. I have a week to work off a few new wobbly areas before my official weigh in. Sigh.
Stretchies: None.
Movement: Tons. Penelope is my little Black Swan. Except she's nice like the White Swan, but with the vigor and intensity of the Black Swan. Without all of the weird psychological stuff and jumping to her death, of course. I suppose she's nothing like a swan at all and just very active. Like a driven ballet dancer. Wait...
Cravings: Salads and lemons still. And gelato. Good thing the closest gelato cafe is over 30 miles away. Be strong, Aly. Be strong.
Sleep: Wonderful.
Best moment this week: Being told that I was a beautiful, glowing pregnant woman. I wanted to put that nice person in my pocket and take her with me everywhere I go.
Gender: Still a girl, I hope.
Labor signs: None.
What I miss: Sleeping on my belly.
What I'm looking forward to: Seeing Penelope again on the ultrasound Monday. The ultrasound tech never got a good look at her heart when we went last month so I have to go in for another one on Monday. I'm excited for another glimpse of our littlest girl and confirming that she is indeed still a girl. I'm skeptical like that. 
Weekly wisdom: God has a plan for our family that is bigger than I ever imagined. I love living smack dab in the middle of His will for our lives.
Milestones: People no longer allow me to carry/do anything myself anymore. It's annoying and nice at the same time.

A photo.


  1. You look lovely ... and let them do things for you. That doesn't last long, you know :)

  2. You look great.. Hope you are feeling great as well. :)

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that ask every time at a ultrasound.. I did it with the boys and with her.. lol