Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Is Not About Bunnies....But Beatrice Doesn't Discriminate

Easter is my most favorite holiday in the history of holidays. You see, I am a Jesus freak and any holiday that exalts Him is bound to be a favorite. But throw in the most amazing, wonderful event in human history and a ham feast and I almost cannot contain my excitement. I love ham. Nom, nom, nom.

I didn't grow up celebrating the secular side of holidays. There were no bunnies in my Easters and egg hunts only happened at visits to my out of town grandparents' house. These things are a bit foreign to me. JD and I plan to focus on the Jesus side of Christmas and Easter without Santa and bunnies. But then we ran into a random man in a bunny suit at Bass Pro Shop and Beatrice flipped out in excitement.

She fell in love with that giant bunny. JD and I almost cried, it was so cute. She was giggling uncontrollably and screaming, "hop hop!" She had no clue who it was or why there was a man in bunny suit at Bass Pro, but she didn't care. She loves hop hops and if they come out in giant form at Easter time, she's okay with it. It doesn't take away from what Jesus did on the cross. She won't be getting baskets from bunnies in the Easters to come, but she can hug them and tell them that Easter is about Jesus. She's like a little bunny missionary.

Bunnies go to church too. At least at our church they do.

Beatrice got to see another giant hop hop outside of church this morning. It started her day off right, as one can expect when they see a giant bunny outside on a Sunday morning.

She also got to hunt eggs not laid by bunnies at my grandmother's house. Just nice eggs hidden by people not wearing bunny suits. That detail didn't seem to bother her too much either.

She hunted those eggs like it was her job. She also hunted pine cones and rocks like it was her job. She is an entrepreneur.

I guess the moral of this story is, bunnies aren't evil (mom and dad). Easter will always be about the resurrection of Jesus and celebration of all that was accomplished on the cross 2000 years. But when we see a man in a bunny suit, we're gonna let Beatrice hug him. She may outgrow it, but the girl is crazy about giant bunnies. As long as she knows that they aren't the meaning of Easter and that Jesus is, we will be obliged to let her flip out for years to come.

Happy resurrection day. That goes to you too, giant bunnies of the world.

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  1. I really like this. I worry about these Christian holidays being so secular and wanting my daughter to know the real meaning behind them - so we didn't do an easter basket or egg hunt this year with her. But this is a good reminder that it's okay to participate in the fun and games too, while still celebrating the true meaning of the day. Happy Easter to you and your family!