Sunday, April 3, 2011


I am 20 weeks pregnant today. I cannot believe this pregnancy is halfway over. It seems to be going by so much quicker than my first one. This is good and bad. Good because it's halfway over. Bad because there is a lot to do and it's halfway over. Have I mentioned it's halfway over? Because it is. Halfway point met right here. Almost cooked. Just about done. I'll stop now...

I am feeling pretty good. I have had tons of energy, but the weather decided to have an identity crisis this week and with temps in the 40s and 50s, there were no walks to the park or jaunts around the neighborhood with the jogging stroller. So I cleaned out cabinets, drawers and closets and cleaned the house a few times this week (yay me!). I suppose I'm nesting. As you know, I'm halfway there.


Weight gain: 1 million and 12 lbs. Subtract the 1 million and you'll be warm. 
Stretch marks: None.
Movement: Yes!
Cravings: Spinach and lemons, but not necessarily together. I have had spinach salads, sauteed garlicky spinach and made a lemon pound cake this week. Delish and fiber does a body good. Especially pregnant bodies...
Sleep: Terrible. I have had really bad insomnia this past week. I think most of it is due to the hellish heartburn I have been suffering from. The rest can be chalked up to being halfway done.
Best moment this week: Deciding upon names! Penelope or Elliot, who is in mah belly?
Gender: Pretty convinced it's a boy.
Labor signs: None.
Belly button: I has one and it remains in the in position.
What I miss: Regularity. The spinach is helping though.
What I'm looking forward to: Finally finding out the sex. Thursday, people. Thursday.
Weekly wisdom: Pregnancy causes weight gain. I'm learning to deal with it.
Milestones: I hate to beat a dead horse, but I'M HALFWAY DONE!

So, what's your money on? Girl or boy?

Is that an Elliot or a Penelope in there?

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