Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baby Lovin' Trendsetter

Beatrice loves her babies. Her bed is so full, she often sleeps on top of them. She wouldn't have it any other way though. She loves them. JD and I are slowly removing the smaller, less loved ones so she can have room to actually sleep. I think she is catching on to our plan. This is how she sleeps:

She clutches as many as she can fit under her arms in a ninja tight grip. When I go in to check on her before I go to bed, babies are everywhere: under her body, on her head, clutched in her arms. She is serious about snuggles.

Also, I am detecting a new trend with her wardrobe in the mornings. This is how I've found her the last several mornings:

Either homegirl is getting hot or bored. She definitely has a unique sense of style though, dontcha think? My little baby loving trendsetter. How could anyone be in a bad mood starting their day to that sweet face? Go ahead and admit it, my child is precious. 


  1. I see your child is still sporting Christmas pj's in April. So is my Ella. In fact, she has the same set from Target :)

  2. My son is also still wearing his Christmas PJS, lol. If they fit, why not? :) I love that she is a stuffed animal hoarder and I definately think she is onto something with the off the shoulder look she's got going on.

  3. My JD is the same way- except with plastic figurines. Definitely not as snuggly! haha. She most certainly is precious!

  4. She is definitely smart keeping a close snuggle on her toys : ) Not to mention a fashionista b/c the off the shoulder look is very chic!


  5. I have admitted in several times before, but yes, your child is definitely precious. ♥

  6. Crack my backside up!! You big nerd. I love you. I love that sweet sweet baby girl too!! I think we are hitting the zoo this wknd. Stephen is in a gold tournament and we need to get out.

    P.S. I also loved that she has a different sheet in every picture of her. THAT is impressive!! BUT, do you untie the bumperpads to get the mattress out and change the sheet or what, b/c that is such a pain i remember...we have been w/o b-pads for a hot minute. AB will crawl her mess out of there I'm afraid!