Friday, December 13, 2013

Wife Approved Man Chair

When we bought a new couch a few months ago, JD took the opportunity to inform me that his only request for our living room was a recliner. That was going to be a problem for me. I hate recliners. They are bulky and not aesthetically pleasing to my eyes. To hear my husband demand request one sort of made me want to punch him something.

Now, if you own a recliner, you have the pinnacle in comfortable seating. I will not deny the comfort they provide. I enjoy sitting in them, I just don't want one to sit in my living room. JD on the other hand, loves them. The squishier, the better. And double points if it rocks. We had to compromise.

My stipulations for his man chair were that it couldn't look like a recliner, it couldn't be huge and bulky (our living room is small and has an awkward layout), and it absolutely could not rock. JD had stipulations too. The recliner had to have comfortable rounded arms, it needed to be leather, and it had to be super comfortable.

We compromised on this leather club recliner.

The only thing I don't love about this chair is its arms. I prefer a sleeker silhouette, but JD loves it and I can totally live with the giant rounded arms. Compromise, baby.

JD loves his chair and is pretty much the only one that ever sits in it. The girls and I are pretty protective over daddy's chair and no one wants to take his new favorite spot. It looks great with our couch and other decor. He loves it and I love it, a furniture match made in heaven!

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