Saturday, December 14, 2013

Beatrice's First Haircut

Beatrice's hair is so long. It's down to her bottom. It is stringy at the ends, she gets it in her dinner plate, and the tangles are something to be reckoned with. We've talked to her about how it can still be long if we get it cut, but it needs a trim. She does not want to do it though. She actually gets really upset when we mention it to her. I don't want to force her to do something to her appearance that she doesn't want to do, but something has to be done about all that hair. It's wild and we're not taking proper care of it.

We've tried to make it a fun thing by telling her how grown up and fun the salon is and how Colton's mommy can cut it, but she's not interested. "I want to be selfish with my hair and never share it with anyone," she says.

This morning while we were playing beauty shop, Beatrice said, "hey mommy, do you want to really cut my hair like the beauty shop ladies?" This was the first time she has ever complied with the haircut idea so I quickly said, "oh yes I do! Go upstairs and get in the shower and mommy will get the scissors!"

Now, I'm no trained stylist, but I can cut a straight line. Plus I have haircutting experience. When I was young, I used to cut my 2 cousins' hair. I have no idea why my aunt or my mother would ever give me a pair of scissors at age 13 and allow me to cut 2 peoples' hair, but they did. Regularly. The memory of it makes me laugh!

Anyway, Beatrice washed her hair and it was cutting time.

I took about 4 inches off. It didn't seem like much when it was wet, but once I dried it, I could really tell a difference in the length. She sat still the whole time, playing with my iPhone.

I gave her a blowout and her hair is so pretty! It's healthy and bouncy, so much better than the stringy, tangled mess from before. I did a pretty good job for a home-haircut. I only found a few uneven strands that needed to be snipped. She loves her new, first haircut and I do too!

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