Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend Adventure: The Pool and Some Fish

We did absolutely zero adventuring this weekend. It was really nice. So I'm bringing last weekend's adventuring to you! The neighborhood pool opened and we celebrated with hotdogs and cannonballs.

Don't be fooled by the sunshine, it was cold. Thankfully, the pool is heated so as long as you're under the water, it's warm. Sissy and I wanted no part of it though.

The worst part was getting out. Brrrr.

We decided to leave the swimming to the fish and headed to the Aquarium.

The sea lions gave us a great show.

Sissy liked it.

Also, this is good to know in case you find yourself in a shark breeding situation. Or if you're interested in shark anatomy. Or something.


God created a lot of beautiful fish. 110% of them creep me out.

Did you adventure?

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  1. Looks like a fun time all around. The picture of the aquarium were awesome.. Though I never knew that about sharks and hope I never need to know that info. ;)

  2. what a nice pool!! We actually went to the aquarium this weekend as well!

  3. I've always envied that beach towel. She's a beauty.