Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend Adventure: Father's Day

This weekend was full of naps, lounging, and resting. JD was a groggy mess on Saturday after a restless night so he spent the majority of the day unconscious on the couch. Penelope temporarily lost her mind this morning when she woke for the day at 5:45 so I spent the first half of our Sunday sawing logs on the couch. I woke up just in time to begin the Father's Day festivities with coffee, church, and presents.

JD told me all he wanted was a grilling apron for Father's Day. Being the awesome wife that I am, I set out to find the coolest, manliest one in the universe. I succeeded. Check out this bad boy:

I think it's pretty impossible to look any more manly than JD does wearing this apron. He's a stud and he rocked it.

The girls also made him a salt dough handprint thing. JD loved it, obviously.

JD is a great daddy to our girls. We are grateful for all he does for us and enjoyed showing him a little extra love today.

Did you adventure with your dad this weekend?

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