Sunday, June 24, 2012

Peaches and Penelope

This conversation occurred in the ladies room at a restaurant last night:

Lady: Oh my, what a pretty little girl you have there.
Me: Why thank you. Beatrice, can you say thank you?
Beatrice: Thank you.
Lady: What's her name?
Me and Beatrice: Beatrice.
Lady: Peaches? What a cute name!
Me: No, not Peaches. Beatrice!
Lady: Beatrice????!??!??! You really named her Beatrice?????
Me: Um, yes?

People are still mispronouncing her name, but twice now someone has questioned me, to my face, if I in fact named her Beatrice. What is the matter with people??? Andplusalso, I love how Peaches was an acceptable name to this lady while Beatrice was absurd... 

In other news, there were 3 Penelopes in the church nursery this morning. At least I named one of my daughters a socially acceptable name.

Happy Sunday from Peaches and Penelope!


  1. WOWZA! I think that is so rude for her to question you to her face. I mean if she wants to name a kid peaches she should go have one. So rude! I think both of your girls have such sweet names. ;) Personally they both will thank you for naming them Beatrice and Penelope when all their friends are Jessica or Wild Flower. HA

    I am finding it where more and more people think it's acceptable to ask people why they named their kid xyz. Keep opinions on names to yourself.

    Your girls are cute. I love how you dressed them a like so sweet and southern. ;)

  2. LOL! This is too much. I can't believe how BIG Beatrice has gotten. Both girls are beautiful! Penelope is a very common name these days... my goddaughter shares it too. It's pretty, although popular.

  3. Peaches? Really? I love Beatrice's name, I think it is classic and feminine. What a strange old bat to think that Peaches was a better name than Beatrice.

  4. That is just crazy! People are so rude and say anything. I think that your girls have names as beautiful as they are :) Love it!