Friday, March 28, 2014

When They Grow Up

The girls love to talk about growing up. Their conversations are the sweetest. Beatrice wants to get married to Isaac, go to work, and never have children. She will live with me forever and also visit when she goes home to her pink house. Isaac likes pink, she says, so it's okay.

Me - "If you don't have any children, who will my grandchildren be?"
Her - "Well, I don't know. But I'm never having children, it's gross."
Me - "What will your job be?"
Her - "A shepherd. And a ballet teacher. And a police lady."
Me - "Can you reconsider not having any children so I can be a grandmother?"
Her - "No, it's gross."

Penelope is going to live with me forever and stay home with her babies. She's naming them baby Alyson and baby Rapunzel. She says she wants to be Rapunzel when she grows up and also stay a baby.

Me - "Don't ever leave me when you grow up."
Her - "I won't, mama. I'm a baby."
Me - "Please have lots of babies so I can be their grandmother."
Her - "I will. And I can be a baby too."
Me - "Who will you marry?"
Her - "I wanna marry daddy!"

The future is looking bright for these two!

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