Sunday, March 16, 2014

Up, Up and Away

I've only flown a kite a few times in my life. I remember my dad flying a box-shaped kite with us at the beach as kids a few times, and I loved it. I see people flying kites here in California all the time and I think it's so peaceful. I love kites. 

I found 2 awesome plane kites on a local bargain website for $5 (for both!) and scooped them up thinking the girls would love flying them. Last weekend we busted out our new kites. The girls were into it for about 3 minutes, then decided hunting ladybugs was more fun. (Probably because we wouldn't let them hold the reel by themselves for fear that they would take flight too). But JD and I love flying our new kites!

On a windy day, you just may catch us flying kites.

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