Friday, May 10, 2013

Sailing With Friends

I am a terrible swimmer. Despite multiple summers of lessons, I barely mastered the doggy paddle. I love to swim, but if my feet can't touch the bottom of the pool or ocean, there is a pretty good chance water is going into my lungs. I'm pretty afraid of deep waters. For this reason, I avoid them.

JD has a crippling fear of sharks. He is not a fan of open waters, closed waters, or any waters other than chlorinated pool waters. So when our friends invited us to go for a sunset sail ON THE OCEAN, we said, "sure! Why not?!"

Maybe it was the libations, maybe it was the company of good friends, or maybe it was sailing safely within the confines of the Long Beach harbor, but I never once feared for my life out on those deep waters.

We sailed at sunset and saw the most beautiful orange sky.

It rained a little. We laughed a lot. We sailed for an hour and a half, each couple settling closer into one another as it got dark. We took cheesy silhouette shots too.

I wouldn't say we are sailors now, but we did overcome our fears of the deep blue last night and made some fun memories doing it. Ahoy!

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