Friday, March 29, 2013

Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend

I have cried a lot this week. I always do during Easter week. Sometimes I silently weep, sometimes I groan and sob. This happens when your best friend happens to be the slain and risen Lamb of God, the King of the world.

I cry because He took my place on the cross. He is only good, yet He was murdered like a horrendous criminal. I cry because although through His blood I have overcome the bondage of sin in my life, I still struggle with kindness, patience, and yelling at my kids. Knowing everything He did for me on the cross, I should surrender all to Him, but I struggle daily crucifying my flesh. I don't deserve any part of Him, but He loves me endlessly, so I cry.

I cry because the world rejects Him. Christians live without ever getting to know His limitless power in their lives. People stay twisted up in unforgiveness and live under the oppression of addiction and sin because they don't walk in His deliverance. It breaks my heart.

I haven't cried only sad tears. I have also cried tears of thanksgiving for the gift He gave us on the cross.  Death has been overcome, the curse of sin has been broken, sickness and disease don't stand a chance against the Name of Jesus, we have victory over every dark force and everything that opposes God, we have been forgiven and can come to the Father because of Jesus' complete work on the cross. Hallelujah! Praise His mighty Name!!

But more than all of that, I cry because He is alive and is coming back one day!! I get to touch the nail prints in His hands. I get to worship Him face to face one day. We don't serve a dead God, He lives and is roaring like a lion. He is present and sees all things. His mercy and grace is new every morning.

Oh friends, I hope you know Him. He is sweet. He is bigger than you could ever imagine. He is my best friend and I'm praying that you live with Him intimately each day. I'm praying that you are growing in Him and His Word. It will change your life. He is so worthy.

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  1. Amen! Happy Easter to you and your sweet little family. I miss you and love you and see God in you always!!! xoxo