Saturday, February 23, 2013


Penelope is 18 months old today.

She can say her name now. We really worked with her to say her full name, not a shortened version or nickname. 4 syllables is a lot for a tiny girl though. All on her own, she came up with Pan-pee. It's perfect.

This girl wants to be be just like her big sister. The first thing she asks for in the morning and the last thing she talks about at night is sissy. She follows Beatrice around all day and mimics everything she does. Beatrice mostly loves it. They are BFF and inseparable. I love it so much.

She is a talker. There's not a lot she can't say or won't try to say. Her Rs are really funny sounding so my favorite words are bear, more, and frog.

I love this girl. She is funny and sweet, feisty and smart. She is so, so wonderful. I can't believe she's almost not a baby anymore. Slow down, Pan-pee.

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