Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Penelope's Room

It's been 7 months since I posted Beatrice's room tour on here. I meant to post Penelope's right after, but I forgot. Oops. Better late than never, right?!

Our baby has the smallest bedroom in the house. I've tried to utilize the space she does have to give her a place to play and keep all of her favorite things. I'm also fighting the white walls, white carpet, and white trim with color and a mix of patterns.

Penelope has the majority of the nursery furniture in her room. That means both girls' clothes are crammed in this one dresser and closet (door on the right). My girls are definitely blessed with tons of clothes, but I loathe putting away their laundry because of the lack of space. I imagine this will only get worse as they get older and want more clothes.

This is my baby dress I wore as a wee one. Both of my girls have worn it too.

We have a playroom in the basement, but each of the girls have some of their favorite toys in their rooms too. Penelope has a toy bin next to her chair. She loves to sit and read books to her babies or empty her toys all over the floor. I actually enjoy playing in their rooms more than going downstairs.

I made the curtains in her room about 100 years ago when I lived in my very first apartment all by myself (I was 19 or 20). I fell in love with this silk toile fabric and without a pattern (or clue what I was doing), I came up with these cinched, tassel-y beauties. I still love the fabric and am glad I saved them.

Penelope has the same crib bedding that Beatrice used when she was a baby. I took the bumper off to wash a few months ago and never put it back on. Poor 2nd child. I keep her bed cozy with pretty sheets, handmade blankets, and her favorite babies. The bunting hanging over her crib was made by cutting triangles out of fabric and hot gluing them to yarn. Because of earthquakes, we aren't supposed to hang anything heavy over beds. 

I love the poms I made for Beatrice's room, but wanted something different for Penelope's space. I chose these paper lanterns in bright colors to hang in the corner of her room.

A few odds and ends:

I really like both of my girls' spaces. I think they are happy with them too.

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