Monday, May 21, 2012

Flower Girl

We traveled to Arizona this past weekend for my cousin's wedding in the desert. Beatrice was the flower girl. We were pretty nervous that she wouldn't actually walk down the aisle, but she was born to be a flower girl. She tossed those petals like it was her job. Beatrice rocked it.

The wedding was at sunset at an old cattle ranch in the desert. It was probably the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. So, so gorgeous and romantic.

She was so good at flowering the aisle, my cousin had to go get her so the bride could actually walk to her groom. Hilarious, sweet moment.

After the wedding, there was nothing left to do but party. And sleep. Poor sissy was so exhausted from the intense heat. 

The flower girl got her first drink from the bar: a Shirley Temple.

 I had one too, with extra cherries.

The best part of the weekend was the wedding. The second best part about the weekend was getting to be with my family. They were all there.

After dinner, the dancing began. And it didn't quit. We had to carry this girl off of the dance floor.

Twins gone wild!

Congratulations, Ryan and Erin! Thanks for including us on your beautiful day.


  1. How beautiful! Beatrice looks like she did a wonderful job!!! Love seeing your family all together too. It's great to make memories :) xoxo

  2. What a beautiful wedding. Beatrice was the cutest flower girl, ever.

    Your girls are so pretty.