Thursday, May 10, 2012


Beatrice has a menagerie of stuffed animals and lovies. She calls them her babies and she loves them. Her number 1 baby is this guy, Bobo.

Bobo goes everywhere with us. There was a close call a few weeks ago at the playground. He was almost abducted when we forgot him on the swings. Once we realized he was missing, I rushed back and found him in the arms of another child. It wasn't the first time we've caught Bobo cheating on Beatrice. Any chance Penelope and he get, they are swapping spit. Bobo is not as loyal to Beatrice as she is to him. Nobody tell her please.

Seriously, Bobo?

Since Beatrice is so attached to her baby, we decided it was time to get Penelope a buddy of her own. Meet Kiki.

Kiki is really nice, despite being an ass. Sorry, I can't resist calling a donkey an ass. It's okay, it's in the Bible. Penelope actually squealed when we introduced them. It turns out Beatrice isn't as loyal to Bobo either because she has been bartering all kinds of trades with Penelope for Kiki. She loves that ass. Sorry. 

Oh, not you too. 

These guys are hitting it off quite nicely. They bonded over provocative posing.

The girls are pretty stoked about their babies.

Only a few fights have ensued.

It's mostly peace around here though. That monkey and ass are equal opportunity lovers. Sorry.


  1. You crack me up with those pictures! Are they JellyCats? We have several of them for our kids:-)

  2. Yes, they are JellyCats. We love them! And I had to giggle looking through my album of posed stuffed animals. JD just shook his head... :)

  3. I seriously laughed out loud over this.. I love these they are cute..