Thursday, September 29, 2011

She Grew Up

Sometime during the last 5 weeks, my big baby grew up. She says her alphabet, she counts to 10, she uses proper pronouns. Next month, she will be 2. Beatrice grew up. See for yourself.

She calls me Mom. Not Mommy or Mama. Mom. Like a teenager. It's so cute, I really don't mind. Much.

She doesn't need me to put on her shoes or button her jeans. She picks out her own hair bows and asks me to give her ponytails. She loves going to restaurants. She butters her own bread. She's grown up now.

She is starting to call things their proper names instead of the cute baby words she has been using for the past year. Cats are no longer meow-meows and butterflies are no longer buzziebyes. She is a big girl.

She is sassy and smart. She tells jokes and laughs at ours.

She narrates car rides with the sights that we see. She loves Chuck E. Cheese's. She is a big kid now.

Where was I when this happened???


  1. Its shocking when you suddenly see how grown up they are! We are going through the same thing.