Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Apple Picking

Recently I googled "The Top 10 Things To Do In L.A. In The Fall" and apple picking was at the top of the list. I researched and decided apple picking was going to be right up my alley, I needed to pick apples fresh from a tree. Also, I knew the girls would love it so this weekend we packed up, drove to orchard country, and picked apples with friends.

Everything about picking apples was fun. The orchards were located in the most beautiful farmland I've ever laid eyes on. Imagine mountains in the background, fruit trees for miles, blue skies, lakes, and winding country roads that lead to modest farm houses. It was perfect.

We paid $10 to fill up a bag of apples, plus you could eat as many as you wanted while harvesting. The kids loved it. Penelope ate 3 apples while we were picking! They were so good.

After we left the orchards, we went up the road to the historic town of Julian for a cider break. We found lots of shops selling handmade candies, preserves, and ciders along with fresh local honey, nuts, and baked goods. It was a quaint busy, little town. I spent $45 on pies. What? I was intoxicated by the fresh mountain air and high on apples! Plus, I really like pie.

Apple picking was definitely in the top 10 best falls things I've ever done. If there are orchards near you, GO! It's so fun harvesting your own food and exploring a new place.

Part 2 of our adventures coming soon...

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