Friday, October 4, 2013

A Sign

The other day, some friends and I took a walk. At the end of the road, on a cliff by the sea, we saw 4 to 5 white doves perched on the telephone wires above our heads. It was such a strange sight, we were kind of in awe. We expect to see seagulls, pigeons, and other typical seaside fowl, not a tiny flock of pure white doves. But there they were, just sitting on those wires like it was the most usual thing in the world. We stood there and stared, trying to figure out if maybe there was a wedding or a funeral to explain their existence in our coastal town. We jokingly decided it was the end of the world and those doves were sent as a sign. A very logical explanation if you ask me....

A hand drawn rendering of the mysterious white doves:

Today, 2 days after seeing the white doves, I was sitting on the couch with the girls when Beatrice said, "hey, big birdie! What's your name?" I turned to look out the window and guess what I saw sitting on the railing by our front porch? AN EAGLE.

A connection was made right there. He looked into my eyes and he communicated something to me. It may have just been CA-CAW, but it was communication and eye contact with an eagle. Has that ever happened to you on your front porch? I'm gonna guess probably not...

Eagles are kind of like unicorns, except for the fact that they actually exist. They are rare though, protected, and seeing them is kind of special. You're probably not going to see one flying across the sky on any given day. So when one lands on your porch railing and looks you straight in the eye, you must ask yourself, does it have something to tell me? Do the birds have a message for me? Is this a sign?

I may never know. He flew away before he said anything else. I was totally dumbfounded about an eagle on my porch to check my camera settings. This picture is terrible, but watch him soar!

Tomorrow if I see an ostrich, it's the end of the world for sure.

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