Thursday, October 3, 2013

10 Things

10 things I'm enjoying right now...

1. Chipotle cheddar cheese. Go to your grocer's deli and get some. If they don't have any, demand they get some. It's delicious.

2. Itty bitty biker boots. My friend gave these to Penelope yesterday and they are too much. She loves them.

3. Sister photo shoots that start like this:

And end like this:

And this:

4. Homemade pizza night. After a year of making pizza on my own, I've perfected my dough. It's all about how the dough feels and tonight, it felt perfect.

5. Our sunflower garden. My neighbor planted these sunflowers from seeds for the girls. They have grown lightning fast and skyscraper high. They are almost at their peak and soon, the squirrels and birds will feast on sunflower seeds for days.

6. My gray nails. I always feel pretty when my nails are painted.

7. A basketful of birch logs. I had the darnedest time finding white birch logs, but eBay saved the day.

8. The harvest spice tea blend from Trader Joe's. It tastes like pumpkin, apples, cranberries, cinnamon, and cloves all in one spicy, fruity hot tea. It's my nightly treat.

9. Matching sister braids.

10. These girls. Specifically, this wild monkey:

And this silly goose:

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