Saturday, April 13, 2013

Second Best

I only wanted 1 thing for my birthday this year: a lemon tree. Lemons are my favorite food item, my favorite flavor, and my favorite scent. And my favorite color. Having my own tree would be both practical and luxurious. I need a lemon tree.

There are lemon trees in every other yard in southern California. They boast their gorgeous fruit in heavy clusters on droopy branches that hang low over fences practically begging passersby to pick them. I never do because I would be pretty upset if lemons were plucked off my tree by random people, but I envy those folks and their bounty of lemons. I just knew JD would get me a tree for my birthday.

He didn't. No one gave me a lemon tree for my birthday. I was pretty bummed, so I thought long and hard on what I really, really wanted if I couldn't have a lemon tree. I came up with this:

A semi-automatic espresso machine.

I did a ton of research before I decided on my Breville 830XL. It's sturdy and makes a mean latte. I love it.

I make at least 1 latte a day, sometimes 2. It has proven to be the best present I have ever given myself.

So if you find yourself wanting a lemon tree but no one will buy you one, an espresso machine is an excellent replacement gift! You will love it.


  1. Aw, a lemon tree sounds glorious! But...I do love my home lattes a whole lot! :)

  2. yep, lattes are a great second best!