Thursday, November 1, 2012

She's 3

Yesterday a certain someone turned 3. We woke up, opened presents, and spent the day doing whatever she wanted.

She wanted to go to the mall and spend her birthday money. So, that's what we did. She got some new clothes and 4 new Ariel dolls. She's a little obsessed. We ate lunch at a restaurant and she enjoyed telling everyone we met that it was her birthday. She had a great day being 3.

We ended the day with me telling her about the day she was born. She asked me if she was scared inside my belly before she came out. I told her no, she loved it in there where it was warm and cozy. Then she asked me if her bed and pillow were in my belly too, since those are warm and cozy! I love this precious girl. Happy birthday my Ariel loving, sensitive, sassy, sweet Beatrice! You are loved beyond belief.

Photo by Sara Rose Photography

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  1. Love it :) Happy Birthday beautiful, sweet girl !