Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day was one of the best holidays as a kid. We looked forward to a day of fishing and feeding ducks, or doing whatever "dad stuff" we knew my dad loved. We always made him cookies or a cake and gave him handmade cards with a can of cashews. He loved it. He acted like those cashews were just what he wanted and the most thoughtful gift ever. As we got older, the gifts got a little better but we never stopped giving him the nuts. Looking back, I know that the handmade gifts were his favorite because our little hands took the time to make him something we thought he needed or wanted.

See that little cozie up there? I made that for JD for his first father's day. He has a lifetime of gifts like that to look forward to, lucky man. He loves it. Oh, and his handmade card that Beatrice helped make, his fave. He got his real gift a few weeks ago but I wanted to start his father's day celebration off in the traditional Aly-fashion by giving him something my little hands made.

I got a little weepy making JD's cozie. My dad died in a plane crash 10 years ago and if he were here, he would go bananas over that cozie. I would make him one that said Gramps or something. He would think it was the best gift ever. Of course I would pair it with some cashews. But even with loss, today is still one of the best holidays because we celebrate our sweet daddy who also loves handmade gifts from the heart. And nuts, but he is more of a honey roasted peanut guy.

So happy father's day Dada. We love you!

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